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The Natural Philosophy of Nicole Oresme

By Simon Olling Rebsdorf (to be published in edited form in Telicom, January 2019 issue)

1. Introduction

The focal point of this essay is the later Middle Ages in France, in particular the philosophical undercurrents of late scholasticism at the Paris University in the mid-thirteenth Century. Today, we would probably prefer the term ‘science’ to cover the meaning of what was then known as ‘natural philosophy’. Preceding the Renaissance, this kind of natural philosophy was represented by numerous French scholars. I will focus more closely on one of these scholars, Nicole Oresme, whose name continually appears in the literature on the later Middle Ages “scientific life” taking place at the new educational institutions of that time: the universities. Parts of this article may be well-known to some readers, especially the introductory paragraphs about the medieval universities and Aristotelian cosmology. Continue reading The Natural Philosophy of Nicole Oresme

History for Atheists – written by an atheist

The Great Myths series

Doing all we can to put emotion, wishful thinking and ideology aside when examining any subject is an important approach to life. We should acquaint ourselves as thoroughly as possible with the relevant scholarship and take account of any consensus of experts in any field before taking a position. This is difficult. Australian atheist blogger, Tim O’Neill, began a blog on History for Atheists in 2015 with this projected purpose. Continue reading History for Atheists – written by an atheist

The Possibility of Living in the Ever-Present “Now” in Spite of Time

Perhaps the present moment is an illusion in that the moment you cite it, it is the past. Yet all we have are a series of present-state moments. The past is fiction as well as the future. If we fully focus on the here-and-now, are we as attendant to the needs and possibilities that may or may not come our way? Continue reading The Possibility of Living in the Ever-Present “Now” in Spite of Time

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