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  • Simon Olling Rebsdorf (b. Odense, Ansgar’s Parish, 1971).
  • Living in Hald Ege, Denmark.
  • My congenial wife, Charlotte, and our cherubs, Dirch and Vigga, are my soul travelling companions.

A regular over-inflated narcissist, I like dealing with complex matters. Autonomous, curious and passionate, I live rather intensely and enjoy creating stuff. Trying to stay open-minded, I insist on an explorative attitude to life and work. I have tried to collect some sort of armchair-philosophical understructure of how I try to realize myself (link).

Author of academic books on the development of modern astrophysics, on the concept of creativity as well as numerous peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals on topics such as higher science education and didactics, histories of physics and astronomy, organic food systems, potential paradigms/heterodox theories, and the concept of time.

Current position: ESERO Denmark Manager and project manager at the House of Natural Sciences. Working professionally for increasing the scientific literacy as well as the interest and motivation for science and technology has been guiding my career choices.

Previously, I have worked as Publishing Editor at Aarhus University Press, administrative head of a university pedagogy unit of higher science education at Aarhus University, postdoctoral fellow at Science and Technology, Aarhus University and Chicago University, high school physics teacher at Mercantec, information consultant at the International Centre for Research in Organic Farming – among other positions.

fathersonstarsOne result of the PhD was a monograph on the development of modern astronomy.

Below examples of my activities:

  • Author some books and papers (publications)
  • Performing musician – musician in Pernille Dahl Trio (upright and electric bass)
  • Music composition
  • Once the talking head in humorous natonal radio science show (Bremsesporet, B.T.)
  • Creative writing
  • Armchair philosophy – in particular the concept of time, predictive processing, consciousness, mind and body, science and religion, fate and free will, brain-machine interface, artificial intelligence, and long-term thinking.EINSTEIN ECRIVANT AU TABLEAU UNE FORMULE MATHEMATIQUE 1930
  • Math and physics geek – number theory, topology, Einstein’s field equations, spacetime as a manyfold, gravitation, …
  • Music aficionado, consuming music is a dear hobby – most genres are welcome
  • Science communication enthusiast
  • History of science and technology devotee
  • Book aesthete – reading before writing is difficult to practice
  • Argumentative online discussion freak, e.g. active in the closed SoMe group “STOP pseudoscience”
  • Self-tester – personality tests, puzzles, logical and creative riddles
  • Handyman – I love wood building – but shouldn’t do it for a living
  • Runner – I run the local woods to stay in shape
  • Affinity for drawing – architectural drawings, geometry, free hand.
Mogensen and Rebsdorf
The Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen visited Denmark on the occasion of the ESERO Denmark Launch Event in November 2017 as a representative of the European Space Agency. After humbly asking for a joint photo – this is now my all-time favourite professional selfie.


Favourite Quotes

  • The unexamined life isn’t worth living /Socrates
  • If you judge, investigate /Seneca
  • Superstition brings bad luck /Umberto Eco [R. Smullyan in 5000 BC, 1984]
  • In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice.. /Unknown


  • Board Member, Hald Ege Høj, Fri- og Efterskole, 2018-
  • Member of Danish Humanist Society,  working for a society in which every view of life is equal, 2018-
  • European Space Agency Advisory Committee on Education
  • The Long Now Foundation, fostering long-term thinking, 2018-
  • STOP pseudoscience, member of closed SoMe discussion group
  • The International Society for Philosophical Inquiry (voting member)
  • Life-time member of a number of intellectual societies – a crazy collecting hobby of mine: Profundus, SPIQR, ISI-S, Glia, CIVIQ, Magnus, UberIQ, Torr, EliteIQ, Poetic Genious Society, Callidus, Icon, Neuron, and also normal member of ISPE, Intertel, and Mensa).

Courtesy of Daniel De Mello


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