Creating stuff

Creative expression and self-actualization can be expressed through writing, which is my most-used medium too. It can begin with curiosity about the origin or nature of some person, event or situation. Curiosity can then cause an investigation of the source of interest. This investigation can either diminish the interest or inflame it into a passionate, compelling ‘research project’. This if a universal experience. Then begins the research and writing about the interest. At first it can be a struggle but in time something inexplicable takes over – some state of flow. However, to me, once in a while, the urge to create something manifests in other materialistic or audible forms.

Music BrainMusic Creations

Playing and composing music and sounds is among my favourite activities. Sadly, composing and producing takes a lot of time, so it rarely happens.

Notwithstanding, this is my Music Page.

LEGO robot

Prototype 2017. How hard can it possibly be to make a couple of mechanically walking legs? Well, pretty hard, I realized. At least to me. Probably not to a mechanical engineer.

LEGO Planetarium / Orrery

Made from bricks from Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043) plus a few additional gears.

Homemade LEGO Planetarium. Each swing with the handle corresponds to 24 hours. This corresponds to one rotation of the Earth (the big black gears).

orrery2The Sun (the two tires – had no fitting yellow bricks, sadly) rotates about its own axis of 24 days. This corresponds approximately to the equatorial rotation of the sun, which is 24.47 days in real life.

The Moon’s rotation around the earth is here 28 days, corresponding to February. So, in effect, all months are only 28 days in this orrery.

Finally, the Earth’s and the Moon’s common rotation about the Sun, which is about 370 days, is 365 in the real world (this creation is inspired by a LEGO aficionado in the United States, who has filmed a movie with his own Orrery).

[click below image to watch video]


LEGO chopper bike

Home made design of chopper bike with functioning pedals, made during an autumn holiday with my kids. The pedals drive the two rear wheels.

LEGO motorcycle

Building a house

In 2011-2012 I built a small house from scratch with the help of a cohort of consulting specialists. In the process, I made a movie, in Danish, though. Here it is:

The final result below.


Building a shelter

In 2016, I had a foundation from a scruffy, taken-down shed. Thought I’d build a shelter on top of it for outdoor sleep-overs. The below gallery displays the evolution of the building process.

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