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Politik og videnskab

[This one is in Danish, sorry]

Hvordan får vi opdraget politikerne og resten af befolkningen til at lytte mere til videnskaben?

Et af mine specialer er videnskabsstudier, og de kredse diskuterer livligt det svære spørgsmål. Continue reading Politik og videnskab


Science & Technology Forecasting

by Simon Olling Rebsdorf*

Natural sciences, such as physics, astronomy and biology, have developed explosively in the 20th century. Naturally, we have no reliable knowledge of how they will develop in the future, and we can only guess about future discoveries. While there are extremely reliable predictions of nature based on scientific theories, there is no equivalent prediction of science itself. Nevertheless, we are not referring to pure guesswork, because the history of recent science at least gives us a clue to future developments—but, perhaps, no more than that. Continue reading Science & Technology Forecasting

The Delusion of Escaping Earth to Space

Don’t ever expect mass immigration from the Earth. Nowhere in our solar System  offers a climate just as gentle as in the Antarctic or the top of Mount Everest. I think it is a dangerous delusion to think that space offers an escape from Earth’s problems. Dealing with climate change on Earth is a doddle compared to terraforming Mars. There is no planet B. But we should cheer on these space adventures, anyway.

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