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As a five year-old, I began practising to play the violin. Then from age seven it was piano, and I have loved the piano ever since, although I never became a skilled pianist at all. From age eleven and onwards, it has been the practicing of bass and drums. Also, playing acoustic guitar is immensely enjoyable, but difficult.

Lately I have ventured to learn playing the chromatic, keyless single-reed woodwind instrument, the xaphoon. This is an enormous challange for me.

Since age 12 I have played in a band on and off. I prefer to play by ear, and mostly, I enjoy improvising on my upright bass or just killing time by the piano, creating new tunes and sounds.

Currently I’m involved in the following music projects:

Pernille Dahl Trio


Pop-jazz trio, (2014-)
Pernille Dahl  (vocals)
Mads Haagensen (piano)
Simon (electric double bass, fretless electric bass)

Solo project

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I use the Garageband software to record compositions. Find them all at my Soundcloud profile. Here’s a selection:

Are We Alone? (January 2019)

Edge of Vision (electronic/dance, 2013)

This is an hommage to the philosopher, scientist and architect, Robert Hooke, who published his classical work Micrographia in 1665. In the preface, Hooke wrote:

Micrographia_title_page“A sincere Hand; and a faithful Eye, to examine, and to record, the things themselves as they appear”

Advice to a girl (Based on a poem by Sara Teasdale, 2007)

Giraffe (electronic, keyboard solo on M-Audio, 2007)

Former bands



Pop-latin/-jazz (2008-2010)
Erik Andreasen (guit.), Steen Pallesen (congas), Simon (double bass).

Watch concert short film

And I love her (studio rehersal, Lennon/McCartney)

Earlier, I have played in some bands. Below is a list.

BlueBird 421911218_270454973115025_1239487328_o (1)

Pop-latin/-jazz (2008-2010)
Pernille Dahl (voc.), Erik Andreasen (guit.), Jakob Arkibald (dr.), Simon (double bass)

Watch the live video playlist :


Disco-funk band (2000-2001). All band members except me studied at the national Rythmic Conservatory’s music performance education. They were: Henriette Hansen (voc.), Sune Skuldbøl Vrå (dr.), Brian (keyboards), (guit.), Simon O. Rebsdorf (el. bass)

Jazz fusion band [no name]

During my years as a physics student, I played in a jazz-fusion band, around 1995-1997 consisting of 5 band members, 4 of which studied at the Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. We never came up with a band name.

The Simple Hens

Jazz fusion band (1990)
Mette Maagaard (vocal), Søren Baunsgaard (keyboards), Jesper Dræby (dr.), André Andersen (el. guitar), Simon O. Rebsdorf (el. bass)

High Function

Funk-soul high school band (1989-1991)
Jesper Dræby (vocals), Søren Baunsgaard (Rhodes/hammond), Martin Vognsen (guit.), Lasse Rasmussen (dr.), Simon O. Rebsdorf (bass), Anders Blauenfeldt (trombone), Nikolas Nordby (trompet), Nikolaj Schneider (sax)

Visit my High Function Facebook page

High Function playing Defunkt’s Illusion at Hotel Symfonien in Haderslev, 1991 (YouTube music clip)

High function groovin’ at Hotel Symfonien, Haderslev, 1991 (Facebook link).

Pop-rock band [no name]

During late primary school, I played in a pretty ridiculous band. Gave some concerts.

Sesam band

Primary School Band, Bryrup Skole (1983-87). First studio recording in 1984 at Twinn Studios. Old casette tape.


19 kids band. Front row from left: Brian Bæk (percussion), myself (electric bass), Lass Lassen (guitar) and then some of the many singers.

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